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Lucarne - Very small Normande (A-I sire)

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 Pee Wee -  Miniature Jersey  


                                     - Cow - DOB: 2/20/2007

                                      3/9/13  Brand new beautiful heifer calf


Top Dog  

                          - Bull - DOB: 3/04/2007

Pair Price - $10,000  $7500  w/new heifer calf

A very nice breeding pair of Miniature Holsteins          

For Sale!

Exceptional Opportunity! Very Rare, Breeding Pair of Miniature Holsteins

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Semen - $50/straw

 Pee Wee - Semen available $50/straw - five straw minimum


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Spring Super Sale  15% OFF all Dairy stock...

Limited supply...If you wait you will be to late


Yearling Dairy Heifer - exposed to Lexus


Loriel is a Top Dog & Lucy daughter ... 4th generation progeny ... 75% MiniHolstein


Beautiful Young Dairy Heifer


Jasmine is a Top Dog daughter - Jasmine’s Dam is a Jester daughter

Top Dog & Lucy are the only line-bred, high percentage (75%) Holstein breeding pair (that I am aware of) anywhere. They both have great temperaments, and are ready for the savvy  breeder to get in on the ground floor of this untapped minimilker market. Lucy is pregnant to Top Dog and calved March 9th,. Top Dog & Lucy only for $7500. Loriel...Lucy’s 2011 F-4 calf now at breeding age for $2500 &

another Top Dog daughter (Jasmine out of a very nice MiniJersey available for $2500. Will discount for complete package including all five!

For Sale!

For Sale!