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How are Miniature Cattle different than those other exotics that were boom then bust?

The miniature cattle market in the US is entering a rapid growth phase, but most importantly the future market for the end product (beef or  milk from miniatures) is very likely to be assured through the efforts of a number of dedicated breeders and their associations - particularly the MiniCattle Country Network & Association and other miniature cattle breeds associations. These Associations are determined to ensure that miniature cattle are not promoted on the basis of unsustainable promises, in the way that other exotic breeds have been exploited.  In summary, the key advantages of breeding miniatures are:

Miniatures convert food consumed to body weight more effectively than conventional sized cattle (around 40% of the food intake producing 60% by weight of the prime cuts) and mature up to 20% earlier.

Miniatures are small, easy to handle and easier on your pastures and cows - won't pock those soft areas as readily as conventional-sized. Are bred for docile and 'friendly' temperaments.

An evolving market for the end product (quality milk & beef cuts ) with existing infrastructure support (local breeders and Associations).

The broad recognition and acceptance of the Miniature breeds makes them very marketable and they are able to be registered within our Cattle Trax Registry and other breed registries and associations.

Miniatures are no different to full size Cattle from the point of view of veterinary care.

Where will Profits be made from Breeding Miniatures?

The strength of miniature cattle is the fundamentals are already proven, which is often different to other exotic breeds where the end market is unknown.

The principles of marketing miniatures are simple:

They are extremely efficient converters of food to their prime product, that is, milk & prime cuts of beef.

They produce a new style of beef; that is, small sized cuts of beef that are perfectly suited to the restaurant trade, that will be sold at a price premium.

The Miniature prime cuts can also be sold direct to the consumer using the Internet.

They are easy to manage and very docile in nature; handling helps this tendency.

They require no special veterinarian care - they are just a smaller version of regular beef cattle.

So potential owners only need to decide whether to become breeders themselves - and invest in breeding cattle, or to just grow their own herd of small cattle, in which case perfection of bloodline is less important. Breeding stock is obviously more expensive but you can then sell their offspring as breeding stock to others. If you simply want small cattle, first cross miniatures are much less expensive.

Here at MiniCattle Country we can advise you on the pros and cons of these two approaches.


There are three categories of opportunity for breeders:

Commercial Carcass Market

Pursue niche market with the restaurant trade (work with miniature breeds)

The meat will be promoted as premium quality

A whole carcass is small enough to fit in the family freezer

Commercial - Breeding Stock Market

A breeding up phase will occur over the next few years to increase the number of Miniatures in the US. There will be an immediate market for good quality breeding stock.

Exotic & Pet Market

There are only a relatively small number of Miniatures in the world so they will also appeal to the collectors of exotic animals. Other factors (mentioned above) are of more importance in building a strong industry sub-sector than relying on exotic appeal. Although 'cute' is still good!

Capitalize on being a participant in the breeding up phase now!

 Many interested cattle buyers are concerned about how,  and what costs are involved in cattle shipping. We are providing contact links here for your convenience in comparing and pricing potential shippers.

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It is in the best interest of all Miniature Cattle buyers and sellers to bring a new degree of

 openness to what actual sales are taking place and at what price.

For those interested in a place to list and evaluate past & current market trends, please “email me” with information on your miniature cattle sales. All listed sales will be verified through the seller and the buyer!

Your participation will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks...Greg Dillon

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