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Full miniature's (frame score 0’s) must be cows..43"; bulls..46” or under in height at 3 years. Mid-size miniature's (classic’s) are cows over..44"; bulls..47” and up to frame score 3’s at 3 years.


There are currently twenty-one miniature cattle breeds registered with the International Miniature Cattle Breeds Registry. The majority have a combination of three foundation breeds Dexter's, Mini-Herefords, and Lowline Angus.


Other small to mid-size foundation breeds include Belted Galloway, Brahma/Zebu, BueLingo, Durham, Dutch Belt, Highland, Lessor Jersey, Texas Longhorn


Why miniature’s cattle?


There are several reasons let's start with an obvious one.


Farm Size: It has become fashionable, popular, or what ever your reason, to move to suburbia, buy some acreage, and revisit the roots from which most of us came. For others, too try and introduce our children to values lost in the modern day hustle and bustle. "Fresh air, (not) Time Square, is the life for me." We love those Greenacres of fresh spring grass. Many small farms are 5 to 20 acres and are looking to be as self reliant as possible. Yet most owners have employment outside the farm and need their small farm to be as efficient as possible. They just do not have the time for full scale farming or ranching.


Time and Labor Efficiency: Miniature cattle are easier on the land, equipment, facilities, and most importantly "Us". Cattle being herd animals are much more content being raised in groups. Two or more will be much happier than one. They're docile, hearty, and easy calvers. Miniature cattle are low maintenance animals.

Feed Efficiency: Miniature cattle consume 1/3 the feed of full size cattle and attain finish weight in 2/3 the time. Thrive & maintain excellent body condition on low quality roughage (grass).

Beef quality and production:

Excellent texture, succulent flavor, superior tenderness (finer connective tissues), perfect proportion sizes, and 10-30% larger ribeye per hundred weight. This equates to a 10-30% greater retail product yield per hundred carcass weight. Produce up to 40% more beef per year on the same pasture. They mature early (time is money) and breed back consistently.


Generally speaking:

When the time comes to put the beast (as some folks call them) into the freezer, it should all fit, saving the inconvenience of finding a buyer for the other half. And the naturally smaller cuts fit in perfectly with today's smaller family size. Small breeds have just the traits us *weekend farmers* like.


For more information on each of the three main foundation breeds click on it's respective button in the menu.

Compliments of Little Moos of Locust Knoll Farm

Miniature Dairy cattle also known as MiniMilkers:

These MininMilkers are ideally suited for small farm and family milk production. They are efficient producers of wholesome milk, with production capabilities that are compatible with small farm families. Additionally they will raise a calf that can be used as a source of beef, for the family as well. Be careful however or you may fall in love with them (if you intend to use them for beef, name them Steak or Hamburger).

Miniature Pet cattle:

These small friendly cattle will be a big hit with Mom & the kids. If you have never raised cows before you may be surprised at how much personality they have. Another thing you may find out, that you have become the talk of the town, as most likely you will be, “if not the only one”, one of the very few, to own a cow not much bigger than some of the neighborhood dogs. The fact that they will keep your grass under control will become a secondary thought once you become friends.

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