They are the product of a thirty year research project on the effect of growth rate selection on herd profitability. The Trangie Research Centre in Australia collected Aberdeen Angus for the project for thirty five years from 1929 through 1964. The majority of the original Trangie herd was imported from Canada. The introduction of new animals was closed in 1964. From there the research provided a successful demonstration of the use of measured performance in a herd until 1970. Over the next 23 years the Lowline breed was developed. The breeding objectives for the Lowline were feeding efficiency, prime beef qualities, and to maintain the potential of their Angus ancestors.



Breed Characteristics:


Mature Height (3yr):

Cows - 36" to 42"

Bulls - 38" to 44"


Mature Weight (3yr):

Cows - 550 to 900 pounds

Bulls - 750 to 1100 pounds


Color: Black


Head: polled (hornless)


Superior Qualities:



Smaller cuts of meat

Natural marbling on pasture feed

High proportion of prime meat cuts

Highest Rib Eye size per 100 weight of any breed

Highest carcass yield of any breed

Higher stocking rate per acre

Less damage to pastures, and handling yards

Easy calving

Excellent weight gain

Best Genetic Base of all miniature breeds

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Australian Lowline Angus

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